What We Offer

A Raven's Views provides high quality exterior home services utilizing special needs adults....

Dallas/Fort Worth has over 225,000 special needs adults who sit on the couch once they turn 22 when they can no longer go to school. Our federal and state tax dollars go to support them on disability for the rest of their life.

A Raven's View was created as a for profit company to provide high quality services to the community, give these folks higher purpose/money and help reduce our tax burden.  Yes, they work hard, provide awesome work/quality and it works.

About Us

We're dedicated to making your home or business the best looking one on the block. If you have a project, we'll do the rest.

​A Raven's View

› Lawn Mowing
› Edging, Power Blowing
› Tree and bush trimming/removal
› Outside Painting/Wood Repair
› Window Washing (interior & exterior)
› Handyman Services
› Fence/Gate Construction and Repair
› Power Washing
› Flower Bed care/Mulching 
› Retaining Walls