​A Raven's View


At A Raven's View, we're dedicated to making your home or business the best looking one on the block.


We know exactly what it takes to maintain the exact look and feel you have in mind for your front yard,  backyard, courtyard, commercial property, or anyplace else you have in mind for relaxing or comfortable business dealings.

Why Hire " A Raven's View"

A Raven's View  was formed to help special needs adult gain employment in yard care and maintenance. There are over 225,000 of these adults living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Until they reach 22 years old, they can be in our public school system. However, once they are 22, they are the sole responsibilities of their families. Some of these individuals become wards of the state, living in group homes while others remain with their families. Many of them have no constructive way to spend  endless hours

At A Raven's View we create an environment where special needs adults can earn their own money, be in a supervised environment, learn job skills, and gain a sense of self-worth.  The individuals we hire are hard-working, happy, and often-times very intelligent people who simply lack the social skills to hold a regular job. By hiring A Raven's View for your yard projects and maintenance,  you help reduce our federal tax burden (every $2 earned reduces their disability payment $1) and are helping an often neglected member of our society to thrive.

How We Got Our Name

The raven is a bird found in many different locales all across North America, Europe and Asia. An intelligent and highly adaptive bird, they live in places as varied as deserts and mountains. A Raven's View of the world is different from our own view here on earth. They are birds with warm, crazy spirits and playful hearts. Hire our raves and help them soar..

A Raven's View is a exterior home and commercial services company employing special needs adults.

We provide:

- Lawn Cutting

- Edging

- Bush and tree trimming/removal

- Pruning

- Outside painting/wood repair

- Flower bed care

- Yard clean up/debris removal

- Power Washing

- Mulching

- Fence/gate construction & repair

- Building retaining walls

​- Shed resconstruction

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